Art direction and graphic design for musicians, bands and the music industry


Art Direction & Graphic Design

We know that the image is an important percentage in the success of a musical release. We offer you a global service that includes the art direction of the project, the graphic design and the physical or digital execution of all the necessary parts for that.

Music Packaging

For those bands that are about to launch a new album we can generate the whole creative concept of packing, including: look&feel image and physical appearance. We do it with a personal touch, adapting us to any of the needs of each musical band or style, working with the concept behind each album.

Web Design

We deal with the web design and development of projects in the music industry. Normally we work on websites, upcoming mini-sites or landing pages for festivals or events.

Music Branding

We develop and design the personal brand of your musical project.
We work on the corporate image through a graphic strategy, we create logos, brandbooks and what you are in need to be recognizable and that will help you to achieve an original and attractive position in the music scene.