I'm George Gold.

I love art direction, design and illustration. Design for us is not just a plains results, but a search for a unique experience.

I create graphic solutions, printable & digital.

Im George Gold, a spanish graphic designer and music producer. I have over 17 years of experience in the fields of graphic design, web design and art direction. I’m co-funder of Medusateam Studio with whom I have worked for various brands and some of the most important advertising agencies


BMW, Mini, Camper, Honda, MTV, Carolina Herrera, Colacao, DDB Barcelona, Adidas, Movistar, Volskwagen, Sony Ericsson, Nomad Skateboards, Nightcrawler Music, Waste Records, Grimey Clothing, Akade Wear, Death Waltz Records  Vincenzo Salvia and more…


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